Current Fave – Metallic Lippies

Helloooo Guys

Trend alert!! Metallic Lippies – Love them / Hate them they are in at the moment, along with all things Metallic and Mermaid.

Personally I am loving this new trend, I love sparkle and glitter and lipstick so all of these combined is just, ah, PERFECT! I bought myself a liquid metallic lipstick and then when I got it, I though, oh crap, this is going to look horrible and once I actually tried it, I literally wore it everyday for an entire week – I loved it SO much!!

It is a bit of a risky trend if you are someone who plays it safe with make up, but I promise you, just try it, even if you try a light pink metallic, you will not regret it.

Below I added a few pics for some Metallic Lippie Inspo;

Metallic Range by Colourpop

Metallic Range by Colourpop

Kylie Cosmetics Range

Kylie Cosmetics Range

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

If you are interested in buying a Metallic lipstick go have a look on Samika store, they offer a wide variety of International Make Up brands on their website at very great prices. I bought myself a Colourpop Metallic lipstick on the site and I was very happy with the service received! Anddd great news lovies, because you are one of my amazing followers you get a special 15% discount on Β all Colourpop items purchased from Samika if you use the promo code chaos05 at checkout!


*** click HERE to go directly to all Colourpop items sold on Samika store and remember use the promo code chaos05 at checkout for the 15% Discount Β ***

Happy shopping..



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