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Today’s post is a bit different than usual, but this blog is a bit chaotic so here goes, I wanted to share a few of my fave spots to eat at in Cape Town and a little bit about why I love it so much and what you can expect. These are a few spots I’ve tried out during the past year or two.
You are welcome to read my full review on some of these places on my Zomato page.

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*Please note the restaurants are listed alphabetically and not by preference.

Asamis – Sushi
Asami’s has a few branches open in the Cape Town area, I’ve only been to the Durbanville branch in Cobble walk and in Bellville at Tygervalley.
The reason why I love Asami’s is they have a range of interesting Sushi on their menu, my favorite being their Strawberry salmon rolls. They serve from sushi pancake rolls to “sushi” with deep-fried chicken instead of fish. The few times I’ve eaten there the sushi has always been fresh. Also they have no limit on Salmon roses if you take the buffet / all you can eat option.
On another note they are always super busy, so make sure to book a table and be patient with the service if you can’t get a seat at the belt.

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Fork – Tapas
I’ve only been here once but this restaurant in Long street made a big impression on me. It was my first Tapas experience and it was so lovely. The food was amazing and also very reasonably priced if you share (like one is supposed to with Tapas). The food on the menu is very interesting and believe me, you would want to try everything.
I would definitely recommend the Deep Fried Goats’ Cheese and the Honey sweet potatoes with atchar mayonnaise.

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Honeybun – Cafe
This Little Cafe in Observatory is the cutest place ever. I loved it so much and they are so reasonably priced, so if you are on a tight budget this is an amazing place to check out. They have a wide variety of food on the menu and also offer various freshly made smoothies.
The food was super fresh and really good, the coffee is also amazing.
Go early to avoid the disappointment of not getting a table.

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Hudsons – Gourmet Burgers
If you’ve never been to one of the various Hudsons Branches (Green Point, Gardens, Claremont & Stellenbosch) do yourself a favour and go, NOW! If you’re looking for a different type of burger Hudsons is the answer. They have super creative burgers on their menu, I’ve had a few and I have never been disappointed. My favourite is defs the Poppa Trunks burger, it has a chili popper on top of the burger patty!!
Hudsons also offers various other foods on their menu but I would suggest try a burger. They also have massive milkshakes (that I have yet to try) and a range of yummy big Cocktails as well. Also their burgers don’t come with sides so remember to order your sides separately (fries, disco fries, sweet potato crisps etc.)
This is  great place to  go on a Sunny day for lunch with friends or even to grab drinks and dinner after work.

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AWhimsical Chaos Zomato Page

Royale eatery – More Burgers
Royale was voted one of the best Burger restaurants in Cape Town last year, that itself tells you to get yourself down there ASAP to go see just why. Great service, fresh, yummy burgers and by far the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had (Note; try them with the cream they offer on the table).
They are also always very busy so be sure to book in advance and they are closed on Sundays. My favourite spot to sit is on the Balcony outside, you can see the entire Long street from there.

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SGT Pepper – Dancing and Pizzas
So this restaurant in the heart of Long street doubles as a “Night Club” in the evenings, so if your amped for dinner and some dancing this is the place. The Pizzas are divine and I personally love that they serve it on a super thin,crispy crust.
If you’re not hungry go check it out anyway, for a fun night of dancing.

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The Five guys Eatery – Now know as The Copper Club eatery – Pizzas & Burgers
Perfectly situated on the water at the Tyger Waterfront in Bellville, this place is one of my faves in the Northern Suburbs. The service is amazing and the staff are so friendly. I’ve tried a burger and Pizza here and can honestly not decide which one was better as their food is just great.
This is a nice place to enjoy on a sunny day,even if it is just for a couple of drinks.

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I hope you guys liked this post, as mentioned above for more feel free to checkout my page on Zomato.



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