A Singles Survival guide to Valentine’s day

Ah February – The Month of Love.. Some get butterfly’s thinking about this, others get nauseous and panicky.. Me, I just get on with life.. 


February 14th best know as Valentine’s day gets so many people all stressed out, thinking they don’t have a significant other to spend the day with or someone to send them flowers and chocolates or take them out for a romantic evening.. My question is why? Why do people get stressed out by this, it’s just another day of the year after all.

I think that if you have someone to share this day with it’s awesome, I mean, I grant happiness to everyone and I love seeing people happy and this day is a day where people go all out to show how much they care for another and that’s wonderful, everyone deserves to be loved.

Photo via We Heart It

Being single is not the end of the world on Valentine’s day, there are so many things you can do with loved ones (not necessarily with a Boyfriend or Girlfriend or Spouse) but with family or friends, Some might think – pfft this is so lame why… But think about it, you don’t have to be a couple to love someone. I love my family and friends and that’s alright by me..

I feel Valentine’s day is more than just for couples and giving/receiving flowers and chocolates, it’s about showing someone you care for  and appreciate them.

You can even treat yo’self on this special day, I mean most importantly you should love yourself no matter what, so why not buy those shoes or that dress, buy yourself a nice bunch of flowers to brighten up your home or some chocolates to enjoy. Go see Deadpool in the Cinema with some friends! You can even do a Girls Night for you and your single ladies, get some movies, snacks, wine and just have a good night in or hit the town and go dancing who knows, Cupids arrow might just hit you that night.

Photo via Pinterest

So in my opinion Valentine’s day is not a day to cry over or feel lonely about not dating someone, it should be celebrated regardless of your relationship status, show the people you care about how you feel and spread the Love after all that’s what life’s all about! 



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