Current Fave – Colourful Hair

Happy Happy New Year Lovelies!! I thought I’d make my 1st post for 2016 a Colourful one.. So as mentioned before my hair has kinda been my safety net in the past and last year I made a huge change by cutting half of it off and colouring it various different ways. Now that I feel more comfortable with changing it I decided I wanted to try something fun..and I did..

Pink Hair don't Care

Pink Hair don’t Care**

At the moment I love the whole colourful hair trend, it’s fun and different and looks so beautiful! I discovered Manic Panic recently and I fell in Love and had to try it.

Manic Panic is a brand that sells permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes and also a few make up items, like Lipsticks, eye make up etc. I tried their Semi-Permanent Hair Dye and loved it. They have a wide variety of colours to choose from, that makes it quite awesome as you have a lot of options on what colour you want your hair and best of all it’s semi-permanent so if you don’t like it, after a few washes it’s gone..

Semi-Permanent Colours

Semi-Permanent Colours

The dye itself is non-damaging to your hair, so you can colour it as many times as you like and you don’t have to worry about damaging your own hair. You can also buy a shocking colour and mix it with white conditioner to make the colour pastel.

Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink

Manic Panic semi-permanent dye is fairly easy to use you just apply it to clean, dry, light/bleached hair and leave it for about 30-60 minutes, as it doesn’t damage your hair you can even leave it on longer. Then you just rinse your hair with some cold water to wash out the dye and lock in the colour and you’re done!
Tip: I like to cover my hair in plastic wrap whilst dyeing it, it’s less messy.

Photo from We Heart It

The colour is really amazing and washes out after a few washes, mine lasts about 2 washes.. Manic Panic also has more permanent options on their website.

Here’s a bit of Colourful Hair Inspo…

Photo from we heart it

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

If you are interested in buying Manic panic visit their website Here.
If you live in South Africa and want to buy you can buy it Here.

So be bold, try something different, let your creativity flow and rock some Mermaid Hair in 2016 I know I will!!


** The Colour I use on my Hair is The Cotton Candy Pink I make it Pastel with some conditioner..


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