Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Hi Guys, long time, I know.. I am very sorry that I’ve been a bit MIA recently but I’ve been a bit busy with new happenings in my life and I didn’t want to blog just for posting content, as I said ,before quality over quantity..


I don’t know about you but I am soo very happy that we are saying goodbye to 2015 and HELLO to 2016 in a few hours (well in South Africa it’s still 2015 anyway).

This year has really been a tough one for me, I don’t tend to post a lot of personal content but maybe as my following grows I might grow and share a bit more. But for now all I will say is 2015 has been a hard one, I’ve really learned so much this year, about myself and in general, and I think as a person I have grown a lot.

A few things that stood out that I’ve learnt this year are;
– You have to put your happiness first, you can’t please everyone
– Make time for the people who matter in your life, don’t hold on to people who make you feel crap
– Embrace who YOU are and not who people expect you to be – meaning be the weirdo you are
– Change the things that make you unhappy
– Do what you love, screw what other people say about it, this also goes for your clothing style, hair, make up, taste in music, books, series etc. – Don’t be like everyone else, be different
– Be there for others, and help where you can
– Buy the Shoes/Dress/whatever – my favorite saying this year “YOLO Payday” oops haha
– You are the only person who can pick yourself up when you’re down, do it, it’s worth it and get help if you need to
– Be Kind

– Don’t dim your light because you’re scared you will outshine others
– and then… “I’m someone’s DUFF” there will always be someone prettier, happier, skinnier, more talented or successful etc. than you, don’t let that get you down.
 Photo by A Whimsical Chaos
Photo by A Whimsical Chaos
Photo by A Whimsical Chaos

Then 2015 wasn’t all bad, I’ve made some amazing new friends this year and rekindled old friendships, I saw a very dear friend that lives in America for the 1st time in 6 years, I started my Blog this year, I went to Joburg for the 1st time, I have a new job, I enjoyed my life this year, I embraced change and new things, I changed my hair 1 Million times and I’m loving it,  I went out a lot and stayed in when I felt like it, I was able to make peace with the past and move on in my life. Even though it was hard, 2015 taught me a lot.

Photo by A Whimsical Chaos

Saying that, I am happy to move on to 2016, I’m ready for it, I’m ready to hit the quarter of a century year in my life, I’m ready to embrace new experiences, try new food, learn new things, meet new people. As travelling is a passion of mine I cannot wait for 2016, I will be going to Thailand in March and then to Europe at the end of the year, I will be saving very hard to make this happen and I am willing to do that as Travelling makes me so happy.


So let’s face 2016 head on with no fears, embrace changes and be happy! Give the best you possibly can and you will succeed – don’t ever give up on yourself! I promise more Lush reviews, Current faves, recipes and social posts to come in 2016..
“It’s all happening” – Penny Lane, Almost Famous


Happy New Year!






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