Current Fave – Blazers & Basics

At the moment my “go-to” outfit is a Blazer & Basics outfit. I will wear Jeans, with a cute or casual top and throw on a blazer to round off the look.

The reason why I love this type of outfit is it looks kinda sophisticated and fun if you wear a graphic T under the blazer. Also you can wear various types of shoes with it, dress it up with a pair of pump heels or wear sneakers with it, both works perfectly!

I feel that this is the perfect smart casual outfit and it’s always a winner, when in doubt try this combo!

Below I have a few examples of types of blazers and tops I would wear together. As you can see the Blazers are various colours and the tops range from more formal tops to graphic T’s. You can mix and match various blazers with different topsΒ to see what works for you.

Blazers & Basics

Blazers & Basics by awhimsicalchaos featuring a gray shirt



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