1 Clothing Item // 2 Ways to wear it

Hey guys, so the basic grey t-shirt is a great and very versatile clothing item to have, personally I’m a huge fan! Below I did another post on how to wear 1 clothing item 2 ways.

I really love it when I can use a clothing item for a dressed down look and also for a more dressed up look, cause sometimes I just want to be casual and chilled and sometimes I feel like dressing up and looking more sophisticated. And obviously it depends on where you are heading.

So the Look on the left is an edgy chilled look, Ripped black jeans, the Grey t-shirt with a furry Parka scarf and some vans. To round off this look I’ll add some Dark red or Plum lipstick to give this look some extra edge.
The Look on the Right is a bit of a more dressed up look, I added a nice jacked, Pretty skirt, tucked in the t-shirt, with a statement necklace, for some glam and cute black pumps.

I would say that my grey T-shirt is one of my favorite clothing items in my cupboard, it’s such a basic clothing piece but I just love it!!



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