Ultimate Vacation Packing List

So for a while now I’ve been considering doing an ultimate Vacation Packing list and now here it is.. I did it.. Whoop.. I was always that person that packed for all “what-if” situations and end up taking almost all the clothes I own with me on holiday…

The packing list below is based on what I’ve learned when I went to Europe in 2008 and 2013. The first time I went to Europe I went in winter and I packed wayyyyyy too much, I think my bag was about 30kg when I went. Carrying around a massive and heavy bag up and down Underground stairways, on and off trains and up the stairs in a Hostel is not fun.. My second time going to Europe I went in Spring so the weather varied in the different Countries so I had to pack for both warm and cold weather conditions and… Contiki has a 20kg bag weight restriction – so I panicked, but I quickly learned that if you plan your outfits you can go very far with very few items..

That is what I did here, planned outfits for each day.. So the Packing list would be perfect for a +- 20 day Vacation through Europe in either Spring or Autumn (I say Europe as I am more familiar with the weather there and I haven’t been to another Country Yet – and I try to write about what I know).

First thing I did was I made sure that most of the items I chose to pack matched each other, so that it can be re-worn and also mixed and matched with each other. I also made sure that the warm jackets and Cardigans that is being packed matches a few of the dresses and tops packed.

Basic Clothes to pack:
2x Jeans (one light, one dark)
1x Leggings
1x Denim Shorts
1x Black Pencil Skirt
4x Tops
2x Cardigans (one Light, one dark)
1x Warm Jacket ( I would consider a Parka as it’s versatile)
3x Summer dresses (Make sure one is a Little black dress)
1x Maxi Dress
1x Romper (if you’re not into rompers, add another dress to your list)
1x Bikini (2 if you know you will be going to the beach a lot)
Ps. Don’t forget to pack Undies…

Now to add some more to the clothes:
4x Pairs of shoes (my faves: Havaiana flip-flops,Superga sneakers,Nice neutral sandals & black Pumps)

 2x Pj’s (one warm one cold)
1x Slippers
2x Handbags (1 big enough for a Day bag and one smaller for nights out)
1x Stockings (Black, maybe pack 2 pairs just incase)
1x Scarf (These come in handy for cold days & also to cover your shoulders in the European Churches)
2x Sunglasses (just incase you loose or break one)
2x Statement necklaces (to jazz up your outfit)
1x Umbrella
Enough bobby Pins and Hairbands

Vacation Packing List - Both Seasons Part 1
Packing List Part 2
Below I added some examples of how to mix and match the clothing items above to create looks for 10 cold days, take away the warm jacket or stockings and they will double up as outfits for warmer days as well. As you will probably be walking around a lot it’s good to wear layers and a warm top that you can take off when it starts to get to hot
Colder days
colder days 2

Below are outfits for 10 warmer days. As I said with the colder day outfits you can always add a sweater and stockings to double these up for a colder day as well. I chose these clothing items specifically so that its very versatile for warm and cold weather and also so you will look different every day 😉

A light Maxi dress is a perfect outfit for a super warm day where you know you will visit Cathedrals or Churches and especially if you are planning on entering Vatican City, as your knees and shoulders should be covered. I paired the Maxi Dress with the scarf so that you can cover your shoulders easily and also it is a light scarf so it won’t be extremely hot!

Warmer days
Warmer days

If you are planning on going out a couple of Nights, here are some Ideas of how to dazzle up your clothes for the evening. You can always pack a pair of heals or wedges for night times, but pretty pumps or sandals should be fine and are very comfortable, as your feet will probably hurt from waking the entire day.

Accessories are key with outfits for the Night time, it can make most outfits look glamorous, also add some Lipstick and you’re good to go!

Night Time Looks
Night Time Looks

I love Make up, I wear it everyday, except if I’m hibernating at home.. Here are the basic everyday makeup and Beauty items I would pack to take on vacation, unfortunately I can’t take everything that I own, it will take up too much space and weight. So here are my most important items to dolly up with..
 Also, please note I did not add toiletry items like Shampoo and Conditioner, toothpaste etc. but you should obviously still pack those, I find it easier to use smaller containers to pour shampoo and conditioner in, it saves space.

Beauty Items not to forget:

    • Perfume – I found that if you pack perfume samples it saves a lot of space and also you can take more than one fragrance
    • Body Cream – My personal Fave would be a fruity Body butter from Body Shop
    • Sun screen – I always pack sun screen with at least a 30spf, I have very fair skin and burn really easily
    • Hairbrush
    • Hairdryer & straightener – Some people won’t pack these, but I always do because I always style my hair. Some Hotels will have hairdryers available, but Better safe than sorry – my hair gets out of control!!
    • Wet wipes – I use them to wipe off make up and also for my hands on the road
    • Eight Hour cream – It really helps when your skin dries out
    • Dry Shampoo – for the lazy days

As for Makeup items:

  • Make up Brushes – make sure you pack at least a powder brush, blush brush, eyebrow comb, eyeshadow brush and eyeliner brush
  • Concealer
  • Eyeliner – liquid and pencil
  • Eyeshadow – I will take my favourite palette, maybe 2 palettes, that would normally be browns and pink-ish colours
  • Blush
  • Translucent face powder
  • Lipstick & Lip balm – I am addicted to lipsticks and lip balms so I would pack quite a few of these. As for Lipstick I would make sure I have at least the following colours: Nude, Bright Red, Dark Red, Plum, A neutral Brown-Purple-ish colour and a Pink.
Make up and Hair

I also love flying that’s one of the things that I look forward to most when I go overseas. I like to get comfortable on a long haul flight, here are my must have items on an airplane:

Ps. Remember to check the Carry on restrictions of the Airline you are flying with, especially the carry on bag size and allowed weight and also the volume liquid allowance.

    • A nice and big carry on bag, that can be locked with a padlock.
    • A change of clothing – for when you arrive at your destination and you have to wait before you can check into your hotel/hostel
    • Make up – just basics like concealer, powder, blush and mascara and lip balm
    • Deodorant
    • Eight hour cream & Eyedrops – my skin and eyes dry out like crazy on a plane due to the air conditioning
    • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
    • Slippers
    • Sunglasses – especially if I sit by the window
    • Earphones – I don’t like the ones you get on the plane
    • A Neck pillow and eye mask
    • Passport & Tickets
    • Slippers – to get comfy
    • A water bottle – You can ask a cabin crew member to fill it up for you
    • Snacks
    • Camera(s) – I always carry my cameras on me as I’m scared they will damage it if I put it in my check in bag.
    • A Good Book
    • Hand sanitizer or Wet wipes
On Flight Essentials #Travel #Flight

I also have a few items that I feel is essential for packing when traveling, you can view them in my previous Travel Blog Post . Those items are things I will always pack and the post also contains a few tips to help you plan a vacation abroad.

I hope the packing list is useful if you have any other ideas or questions, feel free to leave a comment below!!

Happy Travelling



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