Lush Review – Creamy Candy

For this Months Lush Review I tried the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. The description on the Lush website looked so good, they described the bubble bar as: “Sweet, frothy and fluffy bubbles that smell like custard creams.” – YUMMM can I eat this…?? So I went ahead and bought the Bubble bar..

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

The Bubble bar itself looks very cute, it’s a light Pink colour with a Little flower on top and it smells super sweet, really loved the smell. If you haven’t used a Lush Bubble bar yet, click Here for deets on how to use it..

How cute is this flower?!

How cute is this flower?!

Smell: The Bubble bar itself smelled very sweet, almost like Candy floss and once it was in the bath water it had the same smell but not as strong.
For the smell I’ll say it’s about 7.5/10

Photo by A Whimsical Chaos

Colour: I used the entire bubble bar as it wasn’t that big. The water turned a light pink colour and the amount of bubbles was ok. It didn’t make as many bubbles as a half Comforter bubble bar, but it was still a good amount of bubbles!!
Colour and Bubbles I would give a 6/10

Photo by A Whimsical Chaos

Photo by A WHimsical Chaos

Feeling on Skin: I Took a lovely Candle light bath with this bubble bar. My skin felt very soft as it normally does after a lovely Lush bath!! My skin also had a really nice sweet smell to it. My skin felt very moisturised while I was still in the bath and I thought that the bubble bar would leave my skin feeling oily, but it didn’t at all which was great.
Overall I would give the Creamy Candy 7.5/10

Photo by A Whimsical Chaos

Cost: R42,50 I think it’s a little bit over priced as the Bubble bar is quite small, even though I really enjoyed the bath, I think I expected more because of the amazing smell.

Photo y A Whimsical Chaos

I think I would probably buy it again, it’s a very cute product and also left my skin feeling good and the smell was so nice and also I find Bubble Bars very fun, you can even make bubble beards whuuut.. haha



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