Current Fave – Superga sneakers

I absolutely adore Superga sneakers. They are so comfortable and they look great. Superga has so many different style sneakers and various prints from plain to Disney and even Lace. You get low cuts and High tops and even Flatforms.

Here are a few that I find super cute and also a few ways to wear Superga sneakers.

Current Fave - Superga sneakers

Current Fave – Superga sneakers by awhimsicalchaos featuring superga sneakers

Styling Superga:

I find that sneakers with a dress gives a really fun effect to an outfit, though don’t get me wrong not all sneakers will work with a dress but Supergas do. Below I went for a very Girly Girl look with a cute summer dress and a pair of Pink Flatforms with heart details.

Styling Superga 1
Here is a more chilled look, this is one of my personal faves as I have a gold pair of Supergas. I love pairing the sneakers with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and a comfy sweater and to make a statement add some Red Lipstick – always a winner. This look is comfortable and looks great!
Styling Superga 2
Drop a comment below to let me know how you style your Superga sneakers, I’d love to hear!!

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