From Long To Lob

This past weekend I did something I thought I would never ever EVER do.. I chopped off my long hair..

I know some of you are probably thinking “pfft no biggy”.. but for me this was a big biggy!! I’ve always had long hair, ever since I was little my hair was super long, like at one time it hanged down to my bum.. Using a de-tangler was not an option but a must!

Mini Me with a High Curly Pony for Days

Mini Me with a High Curly Pony for Days

I loved my long hair it was like a comfort blanket that I always had. I’ve been growing my hair for about 6 or 7 years now without ever letting a hairdresser cut it because I was scared they will mess it up.. But the time came and the comfort blanket I knew and loved had to go.. I’ve always been quite boring with my hair; cutting bangs and going from blond to red/ombre to completely red was probably the most risqué thing I’ve done with my hair… until now..

Hair - Transformation

Hair – Transformation

I’ve seen this hairstyle trending the entire year.. The very popular style known as the Lob (long bob) seemed to keep popping up everywhere and it started to grow on me.. Last week Wednesday I was driving home from work and I realised I was bored.. bored with my same old long hair.. I made a decision there and then, that I’m chopping my hair into a Lob, it’s not completely short but short enough to manage it better.. It was a very compulsive decision, I even considered cutting it myself that same night but my mom luckily talked me out of it..

Lob inspo for Style and Length Via Pinterest

Lob inspo for Style and Length
Via Pinterest

So Saturday morning I went to my hairdresser and she cut a massive piece of my hair off.. I expected my reaction to be really bad like in possibly cry (yes I’m very dramatic) but I was totally fine like no tears not even a Gasp when the first piece of hair flew..

Just before my hair gor cut - Yes it was very long and the ends were DEAD

Just before my hair got cut – Yes it was very long and the ends were DEAD

I was sooo happy with the results I couldn’t believe it. Surprisingly I don’t miss my long hair at all. It’s so much easier to manage and curl. My hair looks and feels much healthier and I’m so happy with the change..

After my hair got cut - Such a huge difference

After my hair got cut – Such a huge difference

People always say that changing your hair is as good as a holiday, I know it’s super cheesy to say but after this big hair change I have to agree, I feel lighter and happier. If you are considering cutting your long hair shorter but you feel a bit scared, I promise it feels amazing! I was really terrified of how it would look and that I might freak out and cry but it was totally worth it and I would do it again.. Just remember your hair will grow back.

Hair Growing Tip: If your hair normally takes long to grow try a mixture of Bergamot essence, Bay rum oil and Placenta oil in your conditioner – this mixture makes your hair grow faster and also makes your hair strong. (All 3 products can be bought at Clicks or Dischem).

New Healthy Hair

New Healthy Hair



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