1 Clothing Item // 2 Ways to wear it

Like most young people I find living on a budget hard, especially when it comes to buying clothes. I love shopping but I don’t always have money to buy loads of new stuff. I have a big thing about wearing the same thing over and over again, but I’m not Kim K and I can’t afford to wear something once and give it away, sigh*

So, what I started to do is buy clothing I can wear more than one way so that it’s not that noticeable that I re-wear them, a lot (as it is quite normal to wear clothes more than once haha). So I thought I’d do a few examples of how to wear one item, two ways.

Below is a very pretty, simple blue top. One way you can wear it dressed down with shorts and a pair of sneakers or dress it up for a more “sophisticated” look with a nice jacket and some pretty accessories. I found it’s much easier to re-wear clothes that are not very “loud” or bold, you can get away with wearing it many times, if you pair the item with accessories, jackets, pair a top with different style  jeans and then with a skirt to wear it more than one way!

Hope you guys like the post and can relate to the Shopping-addiction struggle!


One Top 2 ways

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