Lush Review: The Comforter

For this months Lush review I tried a different type of product from Lush. I normally try their Bath Ballistics (Bath Bombs) but this time I bought myself a Bubble Bar… Yup that’s not a typo – Bubble BAR, first I was like ‘uhmmm sorry what is that it smells AHH-mazinggg’ so I absolutely had to try it, but I had no Idea how it works or what it does..

The Comforter Bubble Bar

The Comforter Bubble Bar

Basically a Bubble bar is a solid form of the well know and loved Bubble Bath.. I know how cool right?!  How it works is you crumble the bubble bar in your hand under a tap with running water and watch as the bubbles grow and grow and grow!! I only used half the Bubble bar and it made a ridiculous amount of bubbles, I was basically buried in bubbles – Loved it!!

Photo bu A Whimsical Chaos

Crumbling the bubble bar

Crumbling the bubble bar

Smell: It smelled so so good, it had a very fruity, sweet berry smell to it, my mom said it reminded her of marshmallows, I thought it smelled like Pink/Purple Rascals. The Bubble Bar itself had a very strong smell, but once it was dissolved i the bath the smell was still there but not as overpowering.
The smell gets a 8/10

Look how big it is!!

Look how big it is!!

Colour: The bath water turned Bright Magenta with ALOT of Bubbles, I can only imagine what would have happened if I used the entire Bubble Bar. The bubbles also lasted the entire bath!
Colour gets a 6/10 and Bubbles gets a 9/10

Photo by A WHimsical Chaos



Feeling on skin: After this bath my skin was very soft, velvet like, there was a very subtle sweet berry smell on my skin. I didn’t want to get out of this bath it was very relaxing, I felt super calm and really enjoyed it.
Overall I would rate The Comforter 7/10

Cost: R54.50 – It might seem a bit expensive, but as I said I broke mine in half so you can use it twice so you get two really nice smelling baths out of this Bubble Bar.

I really enjoyed this bath, it was very easy and simple, no frills to this Bubble bar, it smelled great and the amount of bubbles were amazing. I still have the other half left, so I’m looking forward to use that. Let me know what your thoughts are on this one!!



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