Wacky Wine Festival

This past weekend I attend my first ever Wacky Wine in Robertson.. Me and some friends decided to do the Camping thing on Arabella Farm and oh boy it was cold!! Here’s a bit more about the awesome time we had…


As this was my first Wacky experience I didn’t know what to expect except for a very cold weekend.. Basically  Wacky wine is a wine festival that takes place throughout Robertson’s Wine region with various wine farms offering entertainment, food stalls and of course wine.. There was a “Wine passport” that you could buy that allows you to taste wine at the various farms partaking in the festival, we didn’t buy a passport as we didn’t do tasting, just drinking…

Wacky Wine by a whimsical chaos

As for accommodation there are various guest houses to stay at and then there is the Camping at Arabella. We chose the Camping option at Arabella. Camping included a camping spot of your choice, basically first come first serve, and access to all the shows at Arabella over the course of the festival. There were Shower facilities which was quite nice and little dressing tables with plugs  to do hair and make up.. As it was pouring the entire week leading up to the festival the camping grounds were extremely wet and muddy, I bought a pair of Rain-boots just before going and they were truly lifesavers! No open fires were allowed in the campsite, but you were allowed to take gas for cooking food.

Wacky Wine by A Whimsical chaos

The main entertainment area at Arabella was open to the public and campers, there were mini fires lit with wooden stumps around them for seats, other picnic tables, a bar, food stalls, giant Jenga, toilet facilities and then the 2 stages – Acoustic stage and Main stage. I was truly impressed with the entire setup at Arabella – though the bar was a bit slow..

Wacky Wine by A whimsical chaos

Friday Night was sooo much fun we stayed at Arabella dancing the entire night. Inside the main stage tent they had big buckets that you could stand on to see the artists – the yellow buckets were defs a safety hazard as wine and climbing on stuff ends in falling – bad idea… All in all Friday Night was a top night!!

Saturday morning we woke up early and had a nice Bacon and egg breakfast at the campsite – cheers to the chef 😉 Then we went on an adventure, we got a lift with this guy called Andries for the day, he drives a Bantam Bakkie and we rode in the back of the bakkie, there was a Persian carpet inside, so obviously he was our personal Aladdin for the day.. This was a very safe decision to get a DD for the day as you want to visit more than one wine farm and drinking and driving is superrrr dangerous for yourself and others on the road – always remember better safe than sorry!!

Wacky Wine by A Whimsical chaos

Our first stop was at Van Loveren Wine farm, we had a bit of Four Cousins Bubbly and such a laugh, it was really so much fun, the sun was shining and there was a festive feeling in the air. “Velkom” to Wacky Wine…

Chilling in the Sun, with some bubbly

Chilling in the Sun, with some bubbly

Next stop was non other than Bon Courage, which I quickly learned was the place to go as it was packed with people!! Bon Courage is famous for their amazing sparkly pink Wine called Blush – if you have never tried this, buy a bottle it is worth it!!

Waky Wine by A whimsical chaos

We went back to Arabella as Die Heuwels Fantasties and aKing were playing that night. I really enjoyed both shows as I love the bands, but the sound wasn’t that good in the tent and there were sooooo many people at Arabella it was ridiculous, the bars couldn’t keep up with the high demand of people, I waited forever to get a drink, but all in all it was a very fun night.

Inside the Main stage Tent

Inside the Main stage Tent

Wacky Wine ahh what can I say, I love me some wine festivals and this one lasted an entire weekend, even though everyone was sick and man down on Sunday morning…
We survived the cold on Saturday Night, we came home with clothes stained with red wine and boots dirty from the mud, we drank wine by the bottles and sang along to Heuwels and aKing, we saw familiar faces and had catch ups with old friends, we made so many memories and laughed a lot and that made Wacky Wine an unforgettable festival. See you in a years time Robertson, but maybe next year though – no Camping…


[Photo cred… Maryke, Thanks]


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