My Winter must haves

I think it’s pretty safe to say that winter is slowly but surely creeping into Cape Town. People who know me will agree that I get cold very, very easily. As one of my University friends would put it Winter “disturbs my warm habitat” haha.. Even in the summer I will wear winter clothes to work because the office feels like the North Pole with the Aircons on..

Funny thing is I actually really like winter, I love the rain and the cold and then snuggling up in warm comfy clothes.. Here are some key items in my closet that I cannot survive winter without..

My Must Have Winter Items

1 – A Parka / Anorak jacket: These are very versatile and really keep you warm, this is most definitely my “go-to” warm jacket in winter, I have an Olive green one like in the picture above and it matches most of the outfits I put together. If you are looking for one of these I know Cotton On and Pick ‘n Pay Clothing sells them.
2 – Comfy Wool sweater: Comfy & Warm what more do you really want!! Most stores sell them. I have a few different colour sweaters and also with different knit patterns on them.
3 – A Cardigan: Always a winner, especially for nights out over a dress, no need to mess up your hair-do, trying to take of your sweater in a club if your hot from dancing.. Most stores also sell these.
4 – Faux Fur Waistcoat / Coat: At the moment I am really into the Faux fur coat look.. It’s so fluffy and also it really keeps you warm.. I bought the one I have at Factorie last winter, you can buy yours at Cotton on or Forever New.
 5 – Scarves & Snoods: By FAR my favourite winter accessory, I have so many scarves and snoods, I love wearing them in winter, my neck gets really cold really fast haha.. Literally any clothing store will sell these.
6 – A Beanie: To keep your Ears warm! I am not such a huge Beanie-wearer, but I do have two animal themed beanies – A Panda & Cat (Duh). Panda Beanie bought at Mr Price, Kiddies section (I know, what am I 5 years old? Haters gonna hate) and the Cat ear beanie at Zara. In the winter, most clothing stores stock up on these..
7 – Flannel Pajamas: I know – What a Loserrrr… haha I can’t help it I love my flannel jammies, I practically live in them in winter. They are seriously life savers on cold winter nights! If you get cold easily get a pair, also most stores that sell sleep wear , will sell flannel pajamas – try Woolworths, Edgars & Mr Price to name a few.
8  –  Slippers: Cold feet are the worst & slippers are a must for winter!!
9 – Umbrella: I love rain, but I hate getting my face wet, that’s why I drive around with an emergency umbrella in my car… Make sure your umbrella is sturdy enough to withstand the crazy Cape Town winds!! You can buy umbrellas at Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers, Woolworths and most clothing stores. 
10 – Boots: I personally prefer ankle boots to knee-length boots, but that’s just me. Any closed boots for winter is perfect for rainy and cold days, again – Cold feet = a bad time. I would say try to have at lease a pair of brown and a pair of black boots for winter to match your outfits.. Most clothing stores are already selling winter boots, they are expensive, I know, but definitely a winter must have…
11 – Sneakers: Peppies, Tommy’s, All Stars, Vans, whatever you prefer.. A pair of sneakers or High tops are also great for a more casual, comfortable look. You can find a pair of these at any shoe store or clothing store.  Go have a look at Footgear, Shoe city , Sportscene & Mr Price,to name a few.
12 – Stockings: To wear with all your summer dresses and skirts in winter!! You get so many different colours and patterns for stockings these days, you can wear them to make a statement with your outfit or just to keep your legs warm. For those extra cold nights I would wear two pairs – so no cold wind can get through to your legs!! For different colour stockings try cotton on or Forever 21 and then, Black & Sheer stockings can be bought at most pharmacy’s and grocery stores eg. Pick ‘n Pay, Clicks, Checkers etc.
13 – Jeans: No need to explain, jeans are always a must have item all year round, you can dress them up or down and they are warm enough for winter.. All clothing stores sell jeans, all year round!!

Hope you guys liked the post, if you have any items to add to the list feel free to leave a comment either here or on the Facebook page, I would love to hear from you!!

Happy Winter Shopping!!



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