Cheese and Wine Festival

This past weekend I went to the Annual SA Cheese and Wine festival on Sandringham Farm, Stellenbosch. This was my fourth year going to this event, every year it’s like a big reunion for most of us going, you see people there that you saw a year ago (at the festival), people who studied with you or who were in the same res as you. There’s a lot of wine, cheese and quick catch ups at this festival.

SA Cheese and Wine Festival by A Whimsical Chaos

We went on the Saturday and the festival ran from Saturday till Monday, it was so busy, there were a lot of people. There are two main tents where you can taste Cheese, Wine, Olives and various preserves, this year I noticed there was a bit less wine stalls that the previous years.  There is also a Tent where you can go and watch free cooking shows, I know that Nataniël is one of the chefs who does shows almost every year, unfortunately I didn’t  watch the cooking show, but I’m sure it was pretty good, he’s hilarious. Outside the various tent you’ll find  loads of tables to sit at, a stage with live music and a couple of food stalls, with everything from sandwiches to oysters to desserts, there’s something for everyone.  All in all it was a really fun day, the weather was perfect and the wine was gooood..

I would definitely recommend going to this festival next year, if you’ve never been. It’s such a chilled day and so much fun, it’s really worth it. Just remember to buy tickets as soon as possible as they sell out quite fast.


So, I hope to see you guys at next years Cheese and Wine…



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