Lush Review: Golden Egg

Hellooo Everybodyyy

As promised, here is my first Lush Product Review.. I will be reviewing one product at a time and I will try to post at least one review every month from now on, so if you like this post keep an eye out for the rest..

The first product I chose to do a review on is the Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, the reason for this is it’s been my favourite Bath Bomb thus far.. The Golden egg was part of the Lush limited edition Easter products and I am seriously regretting not buying another one of these…

Golden Egg

Golden Egg

So.. What is a bath bomb melt..?? This pretty egg is half bath bomb, half bath melt, this means it is a bath oil and ballistic all in one.. The outer layer of the egg is the bath oil with the fizzy part in the centre. . As you can see from the picture the entire bath bomb is covered in Golden Glitter and I Loved that, to be honest that is the reason I bought it in the first place!!

Bath melt turning into the Bath bomb - Look at the glitter inside!

Bath melt turning into the Bath bomb – Look at the glitter inside!

Smell: It has a honey // caramel smell to it. Really a great smell, like if I could, I would eat it, that’s how good this little egg smells!! I am a huge fan of Honey scents!!!
I would rate the smell a definite 9/10

Colour: The bath water turned yellow and glittery and as I love glitter I was really into the glitter bath water!! I’m not a big yellow fan, but it looked pretty cool..
Rating 7.5/10 because of the Glitter



Yellow Bath Water

Yellow Bath Water

Feeling on Skin: The bath was very very relaxing, I literally just closed my eyes and relaxed for a couple of minutes.. After the bath my skin was surprisingly not full of glitter, it had a very subtle shimmer to it. My skin also felt a bit oily, as to be expected as it is part bath oil, I personally don’t like the sticky oily feeling but once the oil soaks into your skin it leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft and smelling so so good, and that I love.. it’s definitely worth the sticky-feeling for a couple of minutes..
Overall I would give the Golden Egg a 9/10

Cost: R55.00 – This is probably one of their most expensive bath bombs and it was only a limited edition,Β they sell them around Easter. The Golden Egg is unfortunatley sold out at the Canal Walk Lush store.

Hope you enjoyed the first review, I’m looking forward to reviewing the next product.. If you have any requests of Lush products you want a review on, leave a comment below and I’ll make it happen..



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