Coachella 2015 FOMO

Sooooo weekend number one of Coachella is starting tomorrow and guess who’s going.. NOT me.. *sigh

I really want to go to this Festival someday.. SO in Celebration of Coachella I made a set of what I would loveee wear to this years festival and what I would carry in my bag with me.. unfortunately I don’t have the ticket or outfit below..
A Girl can Dream ♥

Side note:
My list of Important on hand festival survival items:
Lip balm, preferably with sunscreen in – don’t want no chapped lips..
Sunscreen – Always protect your skin
Wet wipes – because dust and dirt..
Cellphone – in case you get lost (you probably won’t find anybody anyway)and for Selfies,obvs..
Water – Being dehydrated sucks, headaches suck even more – always stay hydrated!!
Sunglasses – Prevents the sun scorching your eyes and also it’s handy when hanging..
Money – for beverages & food
Most important – wear comfy shoes!!!! Blisters = A bad time!!


Coachella 2015


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