My Lush Obsession

There’s a saying that goes: ” Girls will be Girls” and us “Girls” love to smell like sweet and pretty things, am I right Ladies??

A few months ago I walk passed this amazing smelling shop in Canal walk and like those old Tom & Jerry cartoons an invisible hand cloud of smell grabbed me by my nose and dragged me in to this adorable little shop named Lush.. This was the beginning of the end of my budget…

unnamed (5)

So Lush?? Never heard of them before, well I only discovered them like a few months ago too.. They mostly sell bath and beauty products, but with a fun twist. Their products are very unique and interesting, I always learn about something new when I visit the shop. All the products they sell are organic and also NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS, how amazing is that!! They also don’t just cater for the ladies, men and kids can also enjoy the products Lush has to offer.Β 

A Bit more about Lush

The first time I bought from them I had no Idea how to use the Bath Ballistic I bought, it was much bigger than the bath fizz balls I was use to so I thought. . Do I use the entire thing, do I break it in two?? Help!! So I turned to Google, as one does.. And so cool.. the Lush website has videos to explain how to use their products, I thought that was pretty helpful and smart!!

A bit more about Lush

A bit more about Lush

As I truely love this store so much and keep going back for more luscious products, I thought it would be nice to share a few of my favorite products with you guys.. At the moment I am trying out various bath ballistics, but I am very interested in their face masks and solid shampoos (yup you read correctly – SOLID shamphoo)..Β 


So watch this space if you’re a Lush newbie, I guarantee you will also like their products once you try it!!



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