April is Coming

April is around the corner, literally it starts tomorrow, crazy how this year has been going!!  March & April are two of my favorite Months, reasons being, my birthday and Easter fall in these months and it’s Autumn – I ♥ Autumn!!

Here are 5 things I am looking forward to most in April:

1 – Easter Weekend
 I Love love Easter, it’s my favorite holiday.  I am not sure exactly why I love this holiday so much but it’s always so chilled, no need to clean the house and prep food like for Christmas because the entire family is coming over, nope none of that. Easter to me is the one long weekend a year where I just relax, read, watch series in my pajamas the entire weekend and eat as much Hot Cross  Buns & Easter Bunnies / Eggs as I possibly can. But that’s not all Easter is about, you should remember to be grateful and blessed to have life, as Easter represents new life you have a chance to start your life with a clean slate!! So dust it off and be the best you, you can be!!

Ps. I Hope it Rains over Easter ♥


2 – Jeremy Loops
 JEREMY LOOPS!!! I saw him last year for the first time ever at Rocking the Daisies (Note: WAS I LIVING UNDER A ROCK??) . He was so so good, his voice, his music, the lyrics, the Man bun just everything. I became an instant Fan that night! I will be ending off the first week of April at Kirtenbosch gardens with friends and a long anticipated Jeremy Loops show. I seriously can’t wait.

For those interested in going but don’t have tickets yet, as far as I am concerned, the tickets are unfortunately sold out.. next time guys!

Man Buns for the win

Man Buns for the win

3 – Birthday Partay-ay
One of my long time friends from High School is turning 24 this month and she’s having a party 🙂 We have been friends throughout high school, but as we got older we kind of lost contact, growing up and studying – things like this happen.. But luckily we reconnected and I can’t wait to meet all her new friends and celebrate her Birthday with her!!  ♥


4 – Winter is Coming
 The wait is almost over and winter is most definitely coming… Yes guys I’m talking Game of Thrones Season 5!! It’s finally happening after waiting for what feels like years for the next season to begin on the 12th of April it will be back!! Will Daenerys make it over the Narrow sea to Westeros?? Or will Sansa and Littlefinger work together to claim the Iron Throne?? What is going to happen to the Wall? And the finally ( obvi the most important question) is Jon Snow going to live through this season, as he knows nothing, but to look ridiculously good-looking in fur coats..


5 – SA Cheese and Wine Festival
 The annual wine festival is almost here anddddd WE READY! This always feels like the event to attend yearly; so much cheese, so much wine and so many familiar faces – it’s a blast! The festival is held on the Sandringham Farm in Stellenbosch and it’s all happening from 25 – 27 April, make sure to buy your tickets asap, as they sell out like cake!
What to expect when going – a good time, lots and lots of cheese and wine tasting, food stalls and loads of people.
If you go, try to get there early as tables outside fill up quite fast.. also try to organise a DD or taxi to come pick you up afterwards, as you will want to enjoy a glass of wine and not drive back home after that!!


Hope everyone has an amazing April, I know I will..




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