The Wisdom of a 24 Year Old



Today I am blessed to say that I have been Living on our Beautiful Planet for 24 years, I am getting soooo Old!!! But with age comes wisdom, or so they say. Today, I would like to share this so-called wisdom with all of you.

Here are 24 things I have learned in my 24 years of Life:

1 – Your situation in life does not define who you are or who you’re going to be. Yes bad stuff happens to people, but ultimately you have to decide how you are going to react to and handle the situation.
 2 – Travel whenever you can. It doesn’t matter if this is International or local travelling, just GO. Explore, meet new people from different places, who knows maybe you’ll even learn more about yourself in the process.
 3 – Go Study if you have the opportunity, you meet so many new people and learn so much. Not everybody has the privilege to go study after school, so if you do just think about that and don’t waste the amazing opportunity.
 4 – People Come and Go. Not everyone will stay in your life forever and yes, this is very sad, but you also grow stronger through this. Cherish the people who stay.
5 – Be Positive and friendly, smiling is free. Kindness doesn’t cost anything and really what’s the point of always being negative and grumpy..
 6 – Trying to fit in is a mission especially when you are younger. I had so many different types of friends in High school, but then, without even noticing it, you meet the people who make you feel like you belong. And trust me those are the ones you will be friends with for a very long time. ♥
7 – Sometimes you have to let go of the Guys that are bad for you. Listen to your friends, they will know when a guy is messing with you..
 8 – Turning to Taylor Swift when sad, always works. Sing it out!  #TaylorSwiftMood
9 – Wine is always a good idea.
10 – Listen to your Mom, she’s right about most things.
11 – The older you get the busier you get. Make time for the people who matter in your life and don’t waste time on those who don’t.
12 – Don’t just say you will, actually do! I am very guilty of this . Basically don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to do something, make an opportunity for it!!
13 – You can’t always wait for people to do things with you, you’ll wait forever. Sometimes it’s ok to be selfish.
14 – Being Independent is great. You can do whatever you want and you feel perfectly fine with doing things alone. Not everybody is comfortable with this, but try it – take baby-steps and try doing things alone, start small maybe go to the mall and have coffee at a Café by yourself.

15 – When you get sad, cry it out in the shower, cuddle your pets and move on. It’s not worth it to stay sad or upset about something.
16 – You have to be able to Cook for yourself, you won’t live at home forever.
17 – At some point you will miss High school – The friends, the chilled work and the House Parties. nuff said.
18 – It’s ok to make mistakes. Learn from them and try not to make them again.
19 – The Craziest and funnest Nights out will be the spontaneous ones, or the “let’s go out for just one drink” nights.
20 – Being Lazy some weekends is totally fine.
21 – Punch at a party is a bad idea, but have some anyway.
22 – Girls Nights are the best! You end up with the funnies, most embarrassing stories and nobody will judge you.
23 – Being single is actually great; enjoy it while you still can. There is plenty of time to meet your Prince Charming – in the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to kiss a few frogs.
24 – Growing up is really hard, but we will figure it out, eventually…

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