Current Fave – Long sleeve Rompers

I really love Rompers aka Playsuits, I always have! I have quite a few of them in my closet, you can dress it up or down and I just like how it fits my body. They are super cute and so easy to wear, just add some wedges or sandals and a few accessories and you’re good to go, best part is if it’s windy outside, like most Cape Town days, no need to worry about the wind blowing and exposing your undies..

Recently I’ve seen more and more Long sleeve Rompers in store and these are my current favourite item for Autumn, as they have long sleeves they are warmer than usual. You can also buy a few now and wear them through winter, just add some stocking and boots and maybe a jacket if it’s extra cold. They are versatile regarding weather conditions and I would say it is a very good investment for one’s closet!


Current Fave - Long sleeve Rompers

Reverse romper
455 ZAR –

Jumpsuits romper
315 ZAR –

Ally Fashion long sleeve romper
340 ZAR –

Reverse jumpsuits romper
905 ZAR –

Pink long sleeve romper
780 ZAR –

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