Bad Hair Days be Gone

As winter is creeping closer, the harsh weather conditions cause my hair to take strain and colouring my hair does not help for the dry and brittleness at all! For me Dry hair is a big No-No, I try to do as much as possible to keep my hair soft and looking shiny. So Ladies here are a few of my favorite hair care products that really work for my hair and I hope it will help you too!!


First Things first – Deep Conditioning!! This is very important to me, after I wash my hair with  shampoo and conditioner, I always use a treatment or deep conditioner. My favorite is Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner. It has this really sweet smell and it leaves my hair so soft and moisturised.


Product available at Clicks

I also Use a leave in conditioner in my hair. My hair is very damaged due to many years of highlighting and straightening it, so I try to use everything that could help. Currently I am using Elvive Total Repair 5 leave in conditioner, it makes my hair very soft. You just spray some of this onto your hair while it’s still wet/ damp and then dry your hair.


Product available at various stores. Clicks, Pick ‘n Pay and Checkers are a few of them

I am a firm believer in using Heat defence when straightening my hair.. I know most people probably thinks using heat defence does nothing, but a friend taught me this little trick to prove it does actually protect your hair, she told me to spray some heat defence on my hand and let it dry and then use a hair dryer to apply heat to that spot where the heat defence was sprayed and guess what my hand didn’t burn!! I use Schwarzkopf Gliss Heat defence, I haven’t really tried any other brand but this one really works for me.


Product available at Clicks

 Once I have straightened my hair, I need to use a serum to make my hair look shiny. I recently discovered Moroccanoil and Oh boy this product is so great!! I use a little bit on my wet hair (just on the tips of my hair) and then after straightening my hair I  use it as a serum as well. It leaves my hair feeling soft and looking so much better! Currently I am using the Moroccanoil Treatment Light.


Products available at Sorbet in Tyger Valley shopping centre

Then there is the one Magical hair product that literally saves lives.. Yes Ladies I’m talking about Dry Shampoo.. I’m not saying don’t wash your hair and just use this, but sometimes you are too tired and/or lazy to get up earlier to wash and style your hair and this is the answer.. I’ve tried two different brands, Tressemmé and Batiste, I have to say I prefer the Batiste Dry shampoo. The Tressemmé is also really good and works really well, but I like the smell of the Batiste Dry shampoo more. Batiste Dry Shampoo comes in various fragrances, I prefer a clean and fresh smell, so I use the “Cool & Crisp Fresh” fragrance. Another use for the dry shampoo is to use it to style clean, just washed hair, you know like when your hair is so soft and clean that you can’t style it at all, just spray a little bit of dry shampoo on your roots and brush it through and you will be able to manage it better, especially if you have bangs – this works every time.

Product available at Clicks

Product available at Clicks

 I have super curly hair that gets tangled very easily and this tangle brush is super useful, I use it to brush my hair when it has conditioner or treatment on.  I would definitely recommend this if you have long hair, say goodbye to painful hair pulling and brushing after you washed your hair!! 

Available at Sorbet in Tygervalley center and some hair salons also sell them

Available at Sorbet in Tyger Valley shopping centre

Last but not least my most recent hair product discovery, the InvisiBobble. These super cute hair rings work so good. They don’t pull you hair or scalp and they have a really good grip in your hair. Best of all they don’t leave that weird bump in your hair like normal hair ties do. They also double as a interesting bracelet 😉 

Available at Sorbet in Tyger Valley shopping centre

Available at Sorbet in Tyger Valley shopping centre

Some days our hair just won’t play along so if all else fails, try some of these super adorable beanies this winter, to save you from a bad hair day and protect your ears against the cold – total bonus..


Winter is Coming

Black beanie
350 ZAR –

Sparkly hat
200 ZAR –

Silver Spoon Attire hat
1 520 ZAR –

Oasis faux fur pom pom hat
72 ZAR –

Black beanie
350 ZAR –

Billabong hat
185 ZAR –

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