First Thursdays – Cape Town

Last Night I attended my First, First Thursdays in Cape Town..

For those of you who have never heard of First Thursdays here’s the 411… Every First Thursday of the Month various Art Galleries, Shops and Cultural events happening in Cape Town stay open till late at Night, for us to explore and enjoy with friends and a few drinks.

First Thursday Newbies

First Thursday Newbies

I was not 100% sure what to expect from the night, but I definitely wanted to experience this for myself. Me and two of my Girlfriends decided to set to the streets of central Cape Town for some cultural enrichment and wine..

It was a really fun Night, if you are into art I would definitely advise you to go, we were more into the shops that were still open. They had the most amazing clothes,and the prices were not bad at all. There were a lot of pretty jewellery in the shops we visited, I wished I could buy everything, but at least I got these really cute 3D Cat earrings at Babette, also I fell in love with this store, defs worth checking it out!!

3D Cat Earring from Babette Clothing

3D Cat Earring
from Babette Clothing

Next time I go I would plan out the evening, there are quite a few galleries open and it gets a bit confusing if you don’t know where you are going, especially with the amount of people in the streets. You can subscribe to the First Thursdays News letter to get all the deets regarding exhibitions and where they are.

First Thursday on A Whimsical Chaos

We also stopped at Royale Eatery for din-dins, I Love this restaurant I always recommend it when people ask if I know of any good restaurants in Cape Town. They are situated in Long street and their balcony has the most amazing view of the busy street. Normally we would book before we go, as they get quite busy, but we didn’t and we were lucky to get a table last night.

Wining and Dining at Royale Eatery

Wining and Dining at Royale Eatery

Royale eatery is famous for their amazing burgers, I try to eat a different one each time I go there and I have never been disappointed. You also have a choice between fries or sweet potato fries as a side, definitely have sweet potato fries they are so good and even better if you have them with the cream they put on your table! I would also recommend their House Red wine, it’s really good and not that expensive if you share a bottle with friends.

All in all it was a great night of exploring Cape Towns art scene, Dreaming of Pretty things, Wining and Dining and catching up with friends!





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