A Whimsical Chaos

The wait is finally over and my nerves are shut…This is it my FIRST OFFICIAL post..

Welcome to,, A Whimsical Chaos..

As I mentioned in the “Who’s that Girl” section, this blog was created as a creative outlet for myself.

The blog is about everyday life, I will blog about my life, social events in my life, trying recipes and sharing some and a little bit of Fashion and Beauty. Because there are so many topics it creates a bit of Chaos and thus, the Blog name was born.. A Whimsical Chaos is a good reflection of my personality and life, confusing but playful and amusing.

As an intro to my blog, I will summarise each category found on A Whimsical Chaos. So here goes:

Socially Awkward

Soooo Welcome to my (not so exciting) Social Events page..

This year I am saying YES to more social events and doing all the stuff I’ve been saying I want to for the past few years..

Food Pin on A Whimsical ChaosAlso, I will be suggesting a few good places to go out to eat in and around Cape Town, nothing fancy just some places I would go to hang out with friends, have a few drinks and some gooood food..


Break an Egg

What can I say.. I Love food, making it, Baking it and eating it. I TRY to eat healthier, but I also like to indulge from time to time.

Basically all Pinterest recipes I like will be tried out here… for reals this time.

Cooking & Baking for days
Cooking & Baking for days

 All That Glitters

I’m no Fashion or Beauty  Guru, but I am addicted to Clothes and Beauty Products, I can NEVER have enough and I love telling people about my best  finds..

I also Dream of clothes that I will (hopefully) someday be able to afford,, ahh.. but in the meantime I will be posting the Dream closet Items right here, feel free to Dream with me ♥

* Follow my Fashion post on Polyvore

♥ Wise Words ♥
♥ Wise Words ♥

So Feel free to follow my Chaotic life journey and leave a comment or 2 if you like what I have to say and if you don’t,  let me know too, we are all entitled to our own options 🙂



7 thoughts on “A Whimsical Chaos

  1. raghavgogia says:

    Love your blog!
    I’ve recently started blogging at stylehighness.wordpress.com
    Would be very happy if i can have your feedback 🙂
    Trying to learn more through feedback in order to create a better blog for tomorrow.


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